Verus Carbon Rear Ducktail Spoiler (86/BRZ 13-21)


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Verus Engineering started the rear spoiler design with a clean slate approach.  Leveraging NX’s capabilities, we were able to produce a spoiler with G3 continuity for improved aesthetic appearance while ensuring the spoiler improves vehicle performance by running CFD in OpenFOAM.  Our spoiler increases the high-pressure zone on the trunk, increasing rear-end downforce at speed.

The spoiler is an efficient downforce producing device and does not increase drag significantly.  This makes it a great addition for customers with NA horsepower where drag is detrimental.  Pair the spoiler with our high-efficiency rear wing for a significant increase in rear downforce.


  • Designed off Scan Data for Unparalleled Fit and Finish

  • Developed and Tested in OpenFOAM to Ensure Improved Performance

  • G3 Surface Continuity

  • Covers 2013-2016 and 2017-2020 OEM Spoiler Holes

  • Built off Billet Aluminum Mold


  • Carbon Fiber Spoiler
  • 2×2 Twill, Pre-Preg Carbon
  • Gloss Automotive UV-Resistant Clear
  • 3M VHB Double-Sided Tape


The spoiler creates an area of high pressure on the top of the rear of the vehicle, which is what ultimately creates downforce when installing this product.  With no spoiler, this area of the vehicle is producing lift.  By controlling the trailing edge feature, we were able to minimize drag increase while retaining the primary downforce benefits.  The spoiler does work in conjunction with our high-efficiency rear wing and is not detrimental to wing performance when running together.

The rear ducktail spoiler is a great addition to customers looking for a well-fitting and functional carbon spoiler.


A0176A FRS BRZ Rear Spoiler Install Rev. 1 – Verus


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