Verus Bell Housing Cover (86/BRZ/WRX FA20)


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The Verus Engineering Bell Housing Cover ensures sockets and large debris stay out of the bell housing area while looking great.

The OEM bell housing cover is produced from soft rubber. When heated, either by a track outing, hot climate, or forced induction, this cover often loosens to the point it can fall out of its location. 

If you are lucky, it will find itself on top of the engine. If you are not so lucky, it can fall into the transmission bell housing (see the image of clutch below). We developed this cover to ensure sockets and large debris stay out of the bell housing area if the rubber cover is lost already, or as preventative maintenance to replace the OEM rubber unit. 

Note: This unit fits FA20 equipped WRX’s as well.


  • Removes the Poor Fitting OEM Cover
  • Ensures Sockets and Debris Stay Out of the Bellhousing
  • Simple, Bolt-on Design


  •  5052 Aluminum Construction
  • CNC Press Brake Bent
  • CNC Laser Cut
  • Powdercoated Black for Durability
  • Laser Engraved Logo
  • Made in the U.S.A.

ZN6 Bell Housing Cover Rev. 2 – Verus


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