Super Fire Racing Plug M45HL (86/BRZ)


Ultimate spark plug “M”.

Ignite ability, durability, anti-insulation all reinforced. HKS has made the best plug for both tuned and stock engines.

Heat Range Conversion Chart

HKS 25 30 35 40 45 50 52.5 55
DENSO 16 20 22 24 27 31 32 34
NGK 5 6 7 8 9 10 10.5 11
HL type Φ12 × 26.5 mm 14 mm Equivalent to NGK 9 SUPER FIRE RACING M45HL 50003-M45HL



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  • 0.6mm Iridium Alloy Center Electrode
    Iridium Alloy Center Electrode reduces voltage requirement as well as improving ignition performance and durability.
  • Outer Electrode with Platinum Chip
    The Outer Electrode incorporates a square platinum chip which improves durability, and when combined with the iridium center electrode boosts ignition performance.
    The Outer Electrode features a shortened tip design and tapered shape while
    maintaining the necessary space for proper ignition.
  • Short Type Outer Electrode (Anti-Vibration)
    The outer electrode has been shortened and engineered with the ideal shape to decrease weight for resistance against vibration. This anti-vibration design improves longevity of the outer electrode.
  • Thermal Edge
    After long idling or various combustion conditions carbon buildup can occur causing misfires. The Thermal Edge of the ceramic insulator will discharge to help decrease carbon deposits.
  • Spark Support Gap
    Discharges will occur in the Spark Support Gap (space between the tip of insulator and the base of the outer electrode) to help prevent carbon buildup.

Performance and Efficiency
  • Increased Ignition Performance
    Decreased voltage requirement strengthens ignition performance under harsh conditions like lean mixture or high boost pressure.
  • Improved Durability
    New material and design improves durability, which allows for use under hard combustion conditions like continuous high load during circuit driving or aggressive tuning.
    * Improper combustion condition and wrong heat range selection might cause damage to sparkspark plug.
  • Decreased Carbon Deposits
    Thermal Edge and Spark Support Gap help prevent carbon buildup for better ignition under various combustion conditions.

HKS-    25 30 35 40 45 50 52.5 55
DENS-16 20 22 24  27 31  32    34
NGK-    5    6    7    8    9   10 10.5 11
* Above information is the reference for heat resistance.


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