Cusco Adjustable Rear Trailing Rod(86/BRZ/ WRX/STI-2015+)


Stops unwanted rear tire oscillation (judder) under acceleration and braking. Also enables adjustment for the rear tire caster position, to enhance traction and contact patch of the tires to the ground. The pillowball ends provides a more direct and solid feel of the rear suspension movement. Easy adjustment via turnbuckle, even while the product is installed on the vehicle. Features high strength, precision pillowball ends.


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  • Cusco’s rear trailing arm controls unwanted force under acceleration and braking.
  • Cusco’s adjustable pillowball trailing arms prevents unwanted wheel hop and vibration under acceleration while providing smooth braking at the same time.
  • This Trailing Arm is caster adjustable allowing you to fine tune your rear alignment for ultimate performance.


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