SPIRT Spec N+ Coilovers (86/BRZ)


Cyberdrive have chosen to sell Spirit coilovers as these guys have done the maths needed for the platform and taken motion ratio’s into account. From their 86 test car data they have come up with 6kg front and 8kg rear springs.

All Spirit coilovers are hand made with outstanding performance created by a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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SPIRIT’s semi-order model that emphasises city driving to winding roads and sports driving.

Equipped with an upright monotube for strut cars with a 20-step adjustment function (all models) from the damping theory that can feel each one step difference.

Large diameter φ 44 mm piston Spec-N dedicated piston.
Springs are made by brand KYB, which has a long track record.

In addition, springs can be changed and stroke can be changed.
You can select Hypaco, Eibach, Swift, or Vestex springs with optional
spring rate.


Spec-N+ has a red logo tape.


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