plz note Cyberdrive Doesn’t condone or advise illegal driving-keep it on the track people

Never before have I experienced the feeling of a bike while diving a car, when your on the mountain road and think you’ve hit the apex only to find the corner keeps going, alot of adjustment in a small window to keep things on track, then when you do get it right yet the road cambers in, now your brain says that applying power out of a corner should push you wide, but add the inside camber and the game changes, again alot of adjustments in a short time, or like once when it happened to me and I couldn’t get her back on track, bail, the feeling of actually having to ride the bike and maximum concentration at high speed on bad surface, that is until now, this car is a drivers car, if you don’t like driving, don’t get 1, but with a few minor mods, this car is awesome, underneath is all covered with removable hard plastic plates to suck you to the tarmac when needed, she follows cambers, doesn’t like bumps or potholes, this is a car that like a bike, unless you’re hwy cruising, you have to drive it, but unlike a bike, if the front slips, just pop that clutch, bring the bum around and the front will grip and track wherever you have it pointed, like any sports bike, this car is an experience

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